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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Blueberry Afgoo by NUG Refined

BLUEBERRY AFGOO by NUG Refined. This delectable extract boasts a unique terp profile that blends sugared blueberries with the effervescence of fresh-cut pine and grabs your attention right out of the jar. But don’t let the sweet smells fool you, this highly-purified concentrate packs a serious punch! Even richer in cannabinoids than in candy-sweet flavor, Blueberry Afgoo is the choice for sweets-lovers who prefer a THC buzz to a sugar high.


NUG Refined is bridging the gap, providing potent, flavorful and consistent concentrates for a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts. This is achieved through a synergy of modern laboratory science and the commercial scale of Nug Lab, California’s industry leader in cannabis concentrate production. The result is a line of cannabis concentrates that are designed for our State’s legions of dabbers, but provide a level of purity and reliability other producers have struggled to achieve at scale while staying affordable. #NUGrefined