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GG4: The Unlikely Story of a Sour, Sticky Strain

GG4: The Unlikely Story of a Sour, Sticky Strain


Many “canonical” strains like Sour Diesl, OG Kush and Grandaddy Purple can trace their lineage back to the underground breeding culture of the late1990’s and early 2000’s. GG4, however, has gone from near-failed project to pantheonic popularity in just a half-decade.

It’s not hard to tell why. If you like sour, gassy terp profiles GG4 is easy to love. Grown properly it’s near-white with trichomes and impossible to touch without leaving a thick, sticky resin residue on the fingers. Its dense smoke blends diesel fuel, chocolate and earth into a unique concoction that tunes both body and mind to a lower, more relaxed frequency.

But where did this legend come from? Well, the answer is simple: Failure. Actually, a couple of failures, followed quickly by stratospheric success.

As the story goes, breeder and grower Joesy Wales was running Chem’s Sister (one of the original Chemdog bag-seed pops) and Sour Dubb in the same room. The Chem Sis spontaneously hermied (developing male and female sex organs during development) and pollinated the Sour. Suddenly, Joesy had a round of new seeds, which he held onto for a while before popping and running in a new room. Unfortunately for him, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Almost all the new crosses hermied, this time seeding the entire room and rendering it useless.

Wales was truly pissed at the loss of time, effort and money this experiment yielded him. So, he threw all the plants away and moved on. Luckily, a friend who goes by Marrdog swooped in, grabbed a handful of the benighted seeds, and ended up popping 4 of them. All of them produced beautiful, stable genetics. But the 4th seed sprouted, an accidental cross to Chocolate Diesel, was clearly the cream of the crop.

In fact, the buds were so sticky they almost instantly ruined any pair of trimming shears unlucky enough to cross their path: and so the name Gorilla Glue was a natural fit. This genetic would rise to popularity under the name Gorilla Glue #4. That is, until the company that makes the well-known adhesive stepped in and got the name changed to GG4.

Knowing they had something special on their hands, the team entered the flower into the 2014 San Bernadino High Times Cannabis Cup and took home a first-place trophy, then did the same again in Michigan later that year. By the time the Glue team made the first round of certified cuttings available for purchase at the 2014 LA High Times Cup, the hype train was rolling full-steam ahead. Around 125 cuttings later and GG4 was on the way to being a colossus of cannabis genetics.

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