All About Edibles – How Treats Become Top Shelf


Edibles, AKA, medibles or marijuana infused treats have come a long way from DIY or classically known ‘pot brownies’. In fact, like many things in the cannabis world, edibles have leveled up. From matcha infused gourmet chocolates, to culinary inspired dinner events…not only are edibles preferred by those craving long-lasting and potent cannabis effects. But now, they’re much more mainstream, with an edge in flavor and selection, too. Ever wonder how these deliciously dosed treats become top-shelf goods? Let’s explore the world of edibles, and how new canna-creations are infused.

matcha ube
NUG - Matcha Chocolate Bar 1:1 THC/CBD

A taste of high heaven

With premium in mind, the ingredients that go into your edible, are what truly make a treat ‘top shelf’. Quality pure chocolate, organic made baked goods, even infused international or plant-based foods are getting the high treatment. 

And consumers have caught on. Edibles are discrete in nature for use, easy to travel with and potently effective for long-term dosage. In 2018 alone, cannabis chocolate sales grew by 166%. But the classics, like canna-infused gummies are still around too. Overall, in legalized states 40% of edible sales alone, were attributed to candy, Small batch, hand-crafted and high quality edibles are increasing in demand by a growing market of cannabis connoisseurs. And, the more premium type of bud that’s used, the more premium the treat. Especially, when most brands have incorporated the use of higher priced extractions, like distillate, to infuse higher caliber edible products. Like, our NUG infused chocolate bars that come in flavors you’d see from Godiva…not just, Willy Wonka.

Medicated Mousse

You are what you eat

Like the old saying goes, you are what you eat. So with dosage in mind, like anything new you introduce into your routine – go low, and slow. Edibles can affect users differently depending on stomach contents, overall health, weight, etc. And if you’re fresh to the ingestible method – remember, edibles take up to an hour for their effects to kick in. 

In a life where you’ve been told to not play with your food, the cannabis industry, top-shelf treats and emerging edible trends are challenging that cliche. If you’re looking for an edible to indulge in, ingest and enjoy, check out NUG’s premier selection of chocolate bars, or find a retail store-front near you.

NUGS to infusion

If you’ve ever tested the edible waters, there’s one thing you know for sure. Your typical marijuana infused treats, aren’t laced with ground up bud or NUGS. So, how do edibles pack a punch far more potent than your typical pot stash? It’s all about decarboxylation, or ‘decarbing’ the flower first. 

Through decarboxylation, trim or NUGS are slowly heated to extract the essential compounds that provide your high. So, the strain that’s used will provide the effects of the edible product that you’ll enjoy.

Once decarbed, the leaf material is again slowly heated in the type of oil that’ll be used as an ingredient in your baked or cooked good. The most common bases are olive oil, butter, or coconut oil. But honey, vegetable glycerin or high grade alcohol like everclear are other examples, too. 

And here’s where the edible possibilities, go off. Any recipe that calls for your infused base – is easily swapped for your infused canna-oil, butter or liquid. With the emergence of concentrate products, like distillate, premium edibles are now typically infused with the pure and potent cannabis oil often used for dabbing or vape carts.

Medicated Mole

Edible Trends 

From here, the sky’s the limit for cannabis edibles. With big brands like Coca-Cola, Molson Coors and Anheuser Busch making moves in the marijuana drink market, others are quickly following suit. CBD infused water, and ‘hangover-free’ beer is just the beginning. 

Like cannabis cocktails emerging amongst non-alcohol niches, still ‘drinking’ for a buzz. And even hosted dinner-parties with a culinary twist for foodies looking to pair cannabis with their courses. 

Lower dosage edibles are also trending, for their micro-dosing capabilities. Even more, for seniors and baby boomers, looking to relieve with THC, without the fear of overdosing on the DIY treats they may be used to. Similar to the dreaded ‘special brownie’ tales we’ve all heard, or seen go ‘viral’.

NUG - Cookies & Cream - 100mg THC

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