Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate…What’s What?


In the modern era of marijuana, it seems you hear about a new term or trend on the daily. And full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate products are no different. With the surge of CBD products, the classifications can make a big difference. Even in dabs or extract products, too. So what’s what, between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate? Here’s your basic guide to help you define their differences.


Broad Spectrum

If you’re looking at a broad spectrum cannabis products…you can be sure it won’t be one to get you high. That’s because broad spectrum, is a classification of CBD products for those weary of THC’s effects, or THC in their system. 

Broad spectrum oils or extracts are just like full spectrum, which have extracted the whole plant matter from marijuana or hemp plants. Except, THC has been completely removed. So what is broad spectrum good for? Those looking to harness the beneficial properties of cannabis, without the high or fear of failing a drug test.


In direct contrast to full spectrum – isolate, is again aptly named. Whether THC or CBD, ‘isolate’ products separate or ‘isolate’ just 1 cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. Hence, why it may be termed as one of the purest forms for cannabis compounds like THC and CBD. 

Through the extraction process, chlorophyll, wax, oils and other cannabinoids from the plant matter are removed. Which lends to a more lengthy and intricate process, for extractors. But what comes of it, is a final product boasting levels up to 99.%+ of the cannabinoid. CBD isolates are most commonly found in oil or tincture form. And are best for users with sensitivities to other plant compounds, or those looking for medical benefits from CBD specifically and potently, so. 

THC isolate is best known or seen through the growing trend of THCA extracts. The powder-like product might not look like your typical cannabis extract…but you won’t doubt its’ powers upon lighting up. Through an intensive refinement process, THCA (which converts to THC upon heat) is isolated from the cannabis plant matter. With THC potency reaching 95 – 100% – THCA gives a new definition to a ‘little dab will do ya’.

Full Spectrum

As its name tells you…full spectrum, is just that. Cannabis concentrates that have extracted the ‘full spectrum’ of the plant they come from. Meaning, in addition to THC, CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids, your product is packed with whole plant matter. Like terpenes and plant compounds, like minerals or nutrients. 

And what does that mean for your high? If you’ve seen the acronym HTFSE, that’s a good place to start. Full spectrum extracted concentrates with ‘High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract’ or HTFSE noted on its’ packaging will offer the highest in taste and flavor. Why? Because with the whole plant matter used to concoct your concentrate, includes the terpenes or aroma centers of the cannabis plant. HTFSE concentrates are processed through hydrocarbon extraction, which heightens the preservation of these tasty terps.

It also means that your extract has preserved the nature of cannabis compounds like THCA, CBDA, CBGA. The process avoids decarboxylation, or the heating of the elements to convert to THC, CBD and CBG. So, when you light up your concentrate, your high is elevated with additional cannabinoids and benefits or effects, too. 

Including an effect known as ‘the entourage effect’. Which experts have appropriately named the feels a user gets, when the full spectrum of cannabinoids and compounds symbiotically combine. 

The most popular known concentrate types that are classified as full spectrum, include sauce or live resin extracts.

NUG Premium THCA Infused Pre-Roll
live resin
NUG Premium - Lemon Cake - Diamonds

That’s that 

Now that you know what’s what when it comes to terminology for cannabis concentrates or extracts – that’s that for how you’ll decide which to choose for you. NUG’s selection of proprietary sorbets, live resin and concentrate products deliver the full spectrum bang for your cannabis buck. High in terpenes, flavor, THC and cannabinoids – you’ll taste the effects, you want to feel. Check out our products now, or find a retail front near you. 

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