Best dabbing practices – rigs, accessories, cleaning & temperatures

cannabis cup
cannabis cup

Cannabis concentrates can be intimidating as is…from product types to consistencies, varied packaging and more, you’re no longer in the old-age world of weed. But, add in a torch with a peculiar looking rig and complications can arise for even the most veteran of smokers. As ‘dabbing’ takes over the marijuana movement with its’ modern-day water bong effects, those seeking to elevate their highs are ripping dabs more than ever. So, how can you reap the benefits of cannabis concentrates, with one quick yet potent hit of a dab rig? Here’s your beginner’s guide on how to dab, and a few dabbing best practices to follow.

Dabbing 101 

By definition, dabbing is the ‘flash vaporization’ of cannabis concentrates. Simply put, you’re placing your choice of concentrate on a heated surface and inhaling. And as the saying goes…a little dab will do you. 

Cannabis concentrates are just that. The concentrated versions of marijuana compounds that deliver the high you love. Because concentrates extract THC in its’ purest form, they’re far more potent than standard flower. Depending on your concentrate or extract type…they carry levels of THC at 50% to even, 99%.

Carb Cap ("dome")
Dab tool

Supplies to succeed 

To avoid waste, and use your concentrates more wisely, before diving in, you’ll want to make sure you have the right supplies for dab success. A few you may already have on hand, like a water pipe or bong. And instead of a lighter, you’ll need a fire source that provides high levels of heat – enter, the torch, we previously mentioned. 

From here, you’ll just need a dabbing nail that fits your device. But buyer beware – this isn’t just any bowl attachment, to stuff your weed in. As dabbing products advance, a variety of nails are available in different shapes, sizes or setups. 

You’ll also need a ‘dome’, a silicone, glass or metal ‘hood’ to contain the smoke you’re about to create for consumption. Essentially, you’re containing the vapor as you’re inhaling so it doesn’t vanish into thin air around you. 

And most obviously, you’ll need a ‘dabber’ tool to pick up and place your concentrate into the hot dabbing device. You’ll want one with a shape or size that best fits the nail type you choose for your dabbing rig. 

Dosing wisely

Like edibles…proceed with caution when dabbing too. The high concentrations of THC found in cannabis extracts, can be overwhelming to rookie smokers. It’s suggested to go low and slow, to see how dabs affect you first. A low dose would be no bigger than a crumb. Which can increase in size as you see how much more you need for your desired high or effects.

Many users or medical patients prefer dabbing for these ultra potent benefits. Dabbing concentrates sets off enhanced effects at higher dosages, and almost immediately, too. 

cannabis cup

Heat wave 

Like choosing your tools, or concentrate type…you’re also responsible for choosing the heat you take your dab at too. Luckily, innovative e-nail rigs with temperature settings, or thermometers are available to ensure you’re not just guessing based upon how red your device gets. But, if you haven’t upgraded or equipped your dabbing game with these new tools – that’ll always do, too. 

The temperature you heat your dab rig to, will ultimately affect the taste, harshness and effects of your concentrate. The key below covers the general guidelines for heating at certain levels – 

  • 315-450°F: Low temp 
  • 450-600°F: Medium temp 
  • 600-900°F: High temp 

To complicate matters, the temperature could differ depending on the strain contents, or flavor preference. Terpenes profiles for elevated flavor are ideal at low temps, as they burn off at higher temps. As another guide, common cannabinoids boil at the following temperatures –

THC around 315°F (157°C)

CBD around 356°F (185°C)

THCV around 428°F (220°C)

You’ll lose flavor at high temp dabs, but many prefer the intense and thick cloud the vapor creates. But again beware – high temp dabs can be harsh, hence the coughing that typically ensues.

Future of Dabs 

Source: Leafly

E-nails or electronic nails have emerged onto the market in a variety of options. This dabbing innovation helps avoid cleaning sticky glass pieces, and also takes the headache out of deciding temps manually by torching yourself. 

With a high upfront cost, you may be hesitant to upgrade your dabbing device…but due to its temperature settings, it can help you save on precious dab material or concentrates, over time. You’ll get the most for your money by controlling the temperature for ideal hits and flavor. 

Other contained vaporizers, like the Puffco Peak are trending now, for convenience and dabbing pleasure. These all-in-one and portable devices are the latest in dabbing technology, and the market expects the product trend to grow as dab love does, too

cannabis cup
cannabis cup

Dab your NUG

No matter what supplies you choose…stock your concentrate supply with premium NUG products. From live resin, sorbet, or sauce, our concentrate products deliver the highest in flavor, consistency and potency, too. Dab your NUG today, and check out our concentrate selection

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