More about CBD & THC : Find your perfect balance ratio

More about CBD & THC : Find your perfect balance ratio

When purchasing a pot product nowadays, it’s a lot more complex than dealing for dimebags from your best connect. With advancements in testing, fine-tuning of strains, and labeled information – it can ‘cause canna-complications or confusion. Unless of course, you know what you’re looking for, and how to decipher packaged ratios & percentages. If that’s not the case then you’re in the right place. Here we’ll enter the world of CBD and THC ratios, and discover how to find the perfect balance.

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Balancing Act 

To give you a general idea…marijuana strains typically contain an 18:1 THC:CBD ratio. But with the booming CBD market, these levels have increased significantly over the years. Even though, CBD and THC can affect users differently based on health, body synergy, weight, etc…here’s a general guide to common ratios and how they tend to work. 

1:1 CBD:THC:

A 1:1 CBD:THC ratio is found on many cannabis derived products with lower amounts of THC. Which means a 1:1 ratio is usually sought after by patients looking for medical benefits provided by both cannabinoids. Or, those who want the relaxing effects of cannabis, while balancing getting ‘too high’. The equal part ratio is often recommended for new or first-time users, who are just getting used to effects, as well. 1:1 will allow a light mellow high, without inducing anxiety or paranoia that some cautious consumers, fear. 1:1 ratios are popular in edibles, for those wanting to feel the buzz while staying ‘in control’, too.


To solve any question, you’ve got to understand the equation first. So, to figure out what 1:1 or 20:1 really means on the label of your cannabis product…first, what does CBD:THC actually calculate?

As a brief refresher – CBD is short for cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis plants. THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, too. Since CBD can be counteracting in effects to THC, it’s important to know the level comparisons. 

Which is one reason why brands and products are including their THC:CBD ratios on packaging for cannabis goods. The numbers ultimately conclude the equal parts of total CBD to THC in flower, edibles, concentrates or any marijuana infused product. Meaning, if a label lists THC: CBD as 18:1 there is 18 times more THC, than CBD contained in that good. It also helps cannabis consumers find the perfect balance that works for their desired high or wellness benefits.

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High CBD / Low THC:

Strains and products with high CBD and low THC levels (like 20:1) have been found to best address pain, neurological issues, or medical benefits in general. The off balanced CBD dominant ratios, are also known for clear thoughts and functioning focus without the cloudiness or euphoria of THC. Products with high CBD: low THC ratios are often used throughout the day for those suffering from chronic pain, or ailments. Or, by those who are in need of relaxing or relief, but touchy to THC’s sometimes, negative effects, like paranoia.

High THC / Low CBD:

Since CBD can counteract THC’s psychoactive effects…high THC:CBD ratios are for those looking to elevate ‘all the way up’. Some popular strains, like Chemdawg, carry a nearly 3000:1 ratio. With levels of THC nearing 30% and CBD levels normally at .1%…you can do the math, for the strain’s dominated ratio. Cannabis products with high THC levels and trace or low CBD amounts, tend to be used by experienced smokers only, or toked lightly by any other. Indica, Sativas and Hybrid strains can all carry high levels of THC, so specific effects will ultimately depend on the genetics you choose. Overall, the higher the # of THC, the higher you’ll fly. 

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Choose Wisely

Depending on daytime, nighttime, your needs or desires…choose your cannabis product wisely. While THC:CBD ratios are a good place to start – a variety of factors can affect your effects. At NUG retail storefronts, our budtenders are trained to help you make the choice. Or, review product descriptions carefully, to find out if a particular strain or good will deliver the high vibes you’re going for. Find a location near you now, or check out our online selection of quality goods with the ratios for any perfect balance.  

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