NUG Vapes Are Here – What Makes Them Different?

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From flower, to concentrates, to edibles – NUG strives to deliver the freshest premium cannabis goods. Which is why we’ve kept this mission in mind while premiering our NUG live resin vape carts. So in an industry saturated with new carts almost daily…what makes NUG vapes stand out in the growing crowd? That same drive and commitment to make the best regardless of the rest. Here you’ll get an insider look at how our best gets grown, extracted, and packaged to keep our NUG standards alive and thriving.

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nug vape
Live, laugh, vape
The key to our NUG vapes being different than most is our ability to live, laugh and vape – with live resin of course. Most vape cartridges on the market today begin with a distillate base, but not NUGs. Our vape carts are filled with activated live resin and that’s not the only reason they’re better than the rest.  Our purely grown California plants are fresh frozen from the point of harvest. And if you didn’t know – when freezing flower prior to extraction, you’re preserving the flavors, aromas and effects that constitute the unique essence of the cannabis plant. Like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers being more aromatic than a bouquet that’s been left in a vase for days. This step in our vape manufacturing process ensures that our cannabis connoisseurs are puffing on the pureness of properly cultivated plants.Terpenes are fully conserved, so not only do NUG vapes harness the height of cannabis freshness but the peaks in flavors too. Making sure users receive the utmost in quality concentrations with the utter convenience vape lovers crave. 
Flower power
Speaking of properly cultivated plants…there’s just something different about NUG vape cart’s flower power too, and that’s because NUG never uses trim. Which is often the prime input to create the distillate base, even the most pricey or premium vape carts now use. Distillate is made by distilling the THC less pure “crude” oil. What’s left is a tasteless, odorless, clear sap lacking what makes fresh flower so potent and pungent. So, next – let’s find out how our sap is reaching top-shelf levels with top-notch technology.
NUG Flower 8th - Slurricane
NUG - Sorbet - Forbidden Funk
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NUG - Activated Live Resin Vape Cart
nug vape
NUG - Activated Live Resin Vape Cart
Proprietary transformations

Most of the live resin you’re familiar with is most likely in dabbing form. Meaning it’s a stable consistency you can pick up and not pour. And again, most ‘live resin carts’ you can purchase today are just distillate with terpenes infused. So how does the live resin in our NUG vape carts get to become a liquid form for vaping? We’re happy you asked!

NUG has developed a proprietary activation process to do so. To make the transformation from dab to vape, it all starts with that sap. But heat can damage terpenes, so the method to do so must be delicately done with care. Which is how our process and advancements came to be in the first place. 

Our lab experts developed a proprietary atmospheric control process to reduce evaporation. This single handedly helps retain the whole essence of the plant, terpenes included. And ultimately delivers that unmistakable taste from first draw to last exhale. Put simply – when no other extraction machine had what it takes to make the most premium good – we made it ourselves.

But to further harness the additional effects and aromas that terpenes can deliver, NUG didn’t just stop there. Our lab’s specialized terpene-capturing technology separates and concentrates those delicate and dynamic terps prior to activation. Additionally enhancing terpenes to their fullest, and adding them separately to heighten the flavor and effects overall

Vape better

When looking at premium or luxury goods – you often find that they’re handmade, or made in small batches to ensure the utmost in quality and care. Touching upon the same ideals NUG takes into consideration while curating batches of premium live resin for our NUG vapes. Only the best – that’s our motto, and we’ve gone to great lengths in our processes to do so. But don’t take it from us – try our NUG live resin vape carts to experience the difference yourself. 

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