What is Kief?


Kief is one of those terms that is unique to the cannabis world. But anyone who’s lit up before, has experience with the material whether they know it or not. Simply put, kief is the sticky-icky resin or crystals that coat NUGs of weed. So, a natural collection of the highly potent sift grows as you grind. Here we’ll show you how to get the most from your weed game, by learning more about kief, the kushiest of byproducts.

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Kief collectors

To gather the kief goods from your ganja, a few methods can be used. The most popular way, being a standard grinder you probably already have in your stash. 

Three chamber grinders are the easiest way to collect kief from your weed routines. When you grind your bud for use, the kief falls through a built in screen to the third or bottom layer.

If you’re looking to collect kief from a larger batch of bud, using a silk screen is the way to go. Silk screens are purchasable at most art supply stores, and are typically used for apparel printing. By sifting your whole buds over the screen (and sometimes multiple screens depending on the fineness of material you’re seeking), you’ll end up with an accumulation of kief ready for use. 

Silk screens are measured by lines per inch, aka, LPI. The smaller you sift, the more concentrated with tiny trichomes, your kief will be. Some DIY kief collectors set up a system of screens starting with larger LPI’s and working their way through to smaller sifts. 

Kief boxes or flat-screen sifters are also available for purchase, if you’d rather spend more to avoid the make-shift process. And remember, the lighter your kief is, the more potent or pure it will be. Kief that is more green in color, still contains portions of plant material, not as concentrated by cannabinoids, as trichomes and terps. 

Trichome treat

The trichomes of marijuana buds, carry the good stuff. Meaning they are chock-full of cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver weed’s beneficial or potent effects. Kief, or kief powder is the collection or accumulation of the delicate sift that is separated when breaking up NUGs.

Which is why the precious powder is aptly named from an Arabic word, ‘kief’, defined as “pleasure” or “intoxication”. Kief is powerfully potent, as it’s simply the concentrated form of cannabis flower.


Repurpose for use 

Now that you’ve got a supply of kief…what can you do with it? What you should know is the concentrated collection needs to be heated to activate its potent effects – just like standard NUGs, would. With that in mind, here are a few popular methods to put kief to good use –

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  • Sprinkle or smoke it – Similar to the buds it came from, kief can be simply smoked. In a bowl or bong by itself, or sprinkled on top of your pot product for an additional boost to your high. If you’re smoking it without grounded bud, keep in mind its’ fine nature. It can easily be sucked through pipes, and holds a flame too. Instead of sparking or torching directly, a low heat hovering over the product is preferred. Cannabis connoisseurs also lace their blunts or joints, with the fine powder, amplifying their smoke sessions or circles. 
  • Tarantula joints – An up and coming trend to hit an old-age method of smoking, is the tarantula joint. Once a joint is rolled, it’s lightly brushed in any type of cannabis oil, and then rolled in kief collection. The final product appears fuzzy like it’s namesake, the tarantula spider. 
  • Fly high with moonrocks – With the same idea as a tarantula joint, moonrocks are becoming just as trendy. Premium NUGs are covered in cannabis oil, and then coated in kief. And you can guess how the final outcome will appear…like, a rock found on the moon. 
  • Hash bash – Hash is an old-age cannabis product, that hasn’t gone out of style. And kief is what makes it. Through homemade processes of applying heat to your kief (typically through parchment paper with a hair straightener), your collection quickly turns into hash. Rosin presses work for creating a stash of hash, too. 
  • Premium edibles – Kief can be substituted for buds in any standard edible making or baking process. Meaning instead of the decarboxylation of buds (More about how edibles can be made), you can upgrade any weed infused treat with your concentrated kief collection. 

Kickin’ it with kief 

Kief is more than it appears, from the bottom of your grinder or rolling tray after breaking up bud. Simply said…kicking it with kief can be highly more satisfying, too. The more premium your NUG, the better your kief will be. Upgrade your weed game and kief collection with top-shelf cannabis from NUG. Check out our selection, or find a retail storefront near you.  

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