What is Metrc Compliance?

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METRC, is the latest acronym to begin trending in the marijuana market. Especially among States where Cannabis has been legalized, as the C aptly stands for ‘compliance’. Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance or, METRC for short, is the system to better track and enforce seed-to-sale transactions, in a fresh and emerging industry. 

So what does METRC compliance do and how does it affect the bud you purchase? Let’s trace the program back to the start and find out how your marijuana is tracked from growth to harvest.

Compliance beginnings

Pioneering pot states like California and Colorado, were the first to integrate METRC compliance for product tracking in the budding new market. With the spread of legalization, METRC compliance is now used in over 10 states. 

Its primary mission was to ensure marijuana is recorded and traced before sale, to avoid any leaks to the black market or minors. And, to join the ranks of other established industries, from a supply chain standpoint. Product tracking is necessary while purchasing any item, like when a recall is issued. 


METRC, the software solution

METRC, more specifically, is a software solution that compiles data from cultivators, processors, dispensaries and testing facilities on the journey plants take from growing to actual sale. Cloud hosted, and completely accessible by the regulators tasked with enforcing secure and safe transactions for the cannabis products. 

The tagging, or identification numbers assigned to plants in this system, can then be tracked to actual stock on shelves. And, because a portion of sales are also medically prescribed or related, HIPAA is integrated too. Meaning through METRC, any HIPAA compliant regulations are reported automatically as well. 

Points of Sale 

At first, the introduction of the METRC compliance system might have lead to long waits, or data input issues when purchasing marijuana at retail locations. Dispensaries are required to input sales, return and other information daily, which led to increased data entry, labor or work hours. 

Luckily, innovative points of sale (POS) softwares have been developed to directly connect to METRC. The POS’ systems easily integrate data directly into METRC, with just a scan of a barcode. Meaning less wait time from your budtender. And avoidance of price hikes due to increased labor costs that come with entering required data, every day after close. 

These systems together, ultimately make your pot purchases, more simple, and secure. Now when a cannabis barcode is scanned, as a consumer you’re able to review the plant’s timeline back to when it was just a seed. Not only that, but many systems are able to verify patient prescriptions, or age, digitally, making for a smoother transaction overall.


Safety…last but not least

But most importantly, consumer-wise, is the guarantee or traceability of testing on the pot product you choose to purchase. METRC requires testing on all cannabis products, and only those passing get through to the sale stage of the process. 


In addition, METRC makes it easy for industry regulators to spot violations and shut down non-compliant dispensaries, quickly. Before you’re a victim to any unsafe products, or regulatory infractions. 

At NUG, you can rest assured that your bud, edibles and concentrates are fully METRC compliant. Check out our premier products that have successfully made the journey through seed-to-shelf compliance. Or, find a retail location near you.

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