What’s, what? Hemp vs Cannabis CBD

nug flower

To put it simply, the CBD world has gone wild. With CBD practically everywhere from mainstream media, to gas station shelves…it’s hard to decipher the difference of what’s what. The most glaring variation in products today, comes down to just two words. Hemp derived CBD or cannabis derived CBD. 

So what’s the difference and how does it affect potency or benefits? Let’s breakdown hemp vs. cannabis CBD and see how they really differ. 

nug flower

Behind the nug 

Hemp and marijuana may look similar, but it grows in different ways. This results in their nugs producing differently too. The most noteworthy difference being a very well known term among the weed world…resin. 

Resin is what provides that sticky-icky feeling on the buds of hemp or marijuana plants. Found in the trichomes of the flower, resin contains the plant’s beneficial compounds and cannabinoids, like CBD. So, it’s highly important when extracting CBD for oil. 

Cannabis plants tend to produce more resin, versus hemp plants. Meaning, it takes larger batches of hemp to deliver the same amount of oil that a cannabis plant could. 

nug flower
nug flower

Further defined 

Two other terms you might be familiar with, are isolate and full-spectrum. CBD isolate contains only the CBD molecule, and no additional cannabinoids, terpenes or matter from the full plant that might add to its’ effects. On the other side, full-spectrum uses a ‘whole plant’ ideal, and has increased compounds that can further heighten medical aids. 

Full spectrum products can produce what’s known as ‘the entourage effect’. Which is a phrase aptly named for the synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes interacting, therefore stimulating each other’s effects. And, studies show that this beneficial combination is increasing cannabis and hemp derived CBD’s odds for efficacy. 


Under the law 

Lastly, the biggest difference in hemp derived CBD and cannabis derived CBD is, legality. As far as the law is concerned, the recently passed Farm Bill made hemp derived CBD federally legal.

On the contrary, CBD derived from cannabis plants, is still classified federally as a controlled substance. It’s available only in states with legal medical or recreational marijuana. 

That’s that 

The possibilities for hemp or cannabis derived CBD, seem to be never ending with more use, and research too. The more we learn, the more we know about how hemp and cannabis can help health and wellness, in their own unique but similar ways. 



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