Bryant Tong

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bryant Tong has extensive experience in developing and growing early stage companies.  Tong has 20+ years as a successful venture capitalist with extensive working experience in finance, operations and fund raising.  Tong has helped numerous companies develop successful strategic and tactical plans for rapid growth. Tong is the managing director of a leading venture capital firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Tong was the founder and President and CEO of Pacific Venture Capital (a wholly owned subsidiary of PG&E).  Tong was a co-founder of ReSource/Phoenix, a financial outsourcing company he took public on the Nasdaq. Tong co-founded the China/US Energy Alliance where he served as Chairman until 2017.  He has guest lectured at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, Wharton and numerous other universities.  Tong holds a B.S. in Business from U.C. Berkeley.  He is a Certified Public Accountant.