Nico Enea

Director of Distribution, Founder

Nico S. Enea is a founder, investor, and sits on the Board of NUG, Inc. Enea oversees all Distribution operations of NUG, Inc. NUG, Inc. is a premier, state-licensed, and vertically-integrated California cannabis company; Enea has been with NUG, Inc. since 2014 and has been a vital component of growing the company workforce from 16 employees to over 200. Mr. Enea believes in the “Live Work Dream Everything Cannabis” ethos and is committed to accessibility, equity, safety, and investment in a fast-growing and essential industry. Mr. Enea acted as Chief Financial Officer and Director of Business Development for Bloom Innovations now NUG, Inc. He oversees safety, permits, security, transportation licensing/security, product inventory accuracy, delivery processes & collections for NUG a Cannabis-focused business. He believes that cannabis is a less toxic, naturally occurring, and less addictive alternative to other legal recreational products.


His varied experience has informed his rise as an innovator in the cannabis industry.  He worked as a policy researcher for Colorado Representative and now Governor Jared Polis. He has worked on a Municipal Bond arbitrage desk that managed $1.2B in assets. As a trader/analyst at a New York hedge fund he developed a market capitalization-weighted index strategies for publicly traded Cannabis-related companies. He was instrumental in crafting numerous successful cannabis applications in California and Nevada for cannabis cultivation, infused product production, and retail dispensaries. Enea is committed to changing the stigma of cannabis making it socially acceptable in all areas through education & awareness. Enea is an Oakland resident.