Tyler Cooke

Edibles Department Director

A working professional in the food service industry since 2003,  Tyler brings international experience as a production strategist, executive chef, and project manager. He has deep knowledge in construction and code compliance, kitchen design, operations, production optimization, menu creation, costing, inventory controls and team management, having driven expansion for a successful chain of new restaurants as well as multiple transformations of existing restaurants. With years of culinary experience, world travels, and exposure to multiple cultures, Tyler both understands how to work with a variety of personalities as well as confidently prepare many different styles of cuisine. As a two time cancer survivor Tyler has first hand knowledge of the healing power of cannabis.  With a deep passion to make things taste amazing coupled with a love for all things, cannabis Tyler has found his home as the edibles department director NUG. His creative approach and strong belief that he can medicate anything has earned him the nickname “Willy Wonka of Weed”