Emerald Cup 2019 Wrap Up

Emerald Cup 2019 Wrap Up

Shout out to NUG fan Branden Carrell for winning our Emerald Cup tickets sweepstakes!

We knew it was going to be a great weekend when the rain stopped and the Sun came out on the Saturday morning of the Emerald Cup. This was our first official Emerald Cup and also the first time the public would be able to experience our highly anticipated vape cart line. We met some amazing people from all walks of life and got the chance to hear what the Cannabis community really thought of our new Activated Live Resin cart.

Emerald Cup attendees were able to come to the NUG booth and try our vape carts in the traditional way and also by using the Bello.

Not knowing what to expect, attendees were surprised at the depth of the taste and effect of our Chernobyl cart. If anyone had in depth questions regarding our how we create such a full-spectrum experience such a compact form factor, we had our very own lab techs from NUG Lab personally sampling the carts and answering those questions. Needless to say, with the debut of the NUG Vape Cartridge and at specially discounted Emerald Cup price, the carts were flying off the shelves.

Shout out to our good friend Dr. Fresch for hanging out with at the NUG booth

Not only were we debuting our new vape line, we also showcased our new NUG Premium Live Resin strains (Blackjack, Headspin, and Citrus Squeeze) as well as our NUG Premium flower in our beautiful new glass jars. Little did we know how much people loved our Gushers flower as we completely sold out. Big Thank you to our NUG Wellness team for their energy and who helped us budtend (even when it started to get freezing cold outside!).  

We had a blast giving out samples and seeing everyone at Emerald Cup! It was definitely a new and enriching experience for us to take part in. See you guys at Emerald Cup 2020 and be on the look out for our new NUG Premium #ActivatedLiveResin carts hitting the market in January.

Check out more action and smiling faces from the NUG booth at Emerald Cup 2019!

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