About NUG

We are in the beautiful Midtown Sacramento area. Open daily from 9am-9pm.
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We are NUG

NUG, Inc. is a vertically integrated Cannabis company with strong historical growth and performance. Using state of the art technology – we grow and create valuable cannabis products at scale. We take pride in our craft in an organic and efficient style that puts us ahead of the rest. 

To be the catalyst for change

To be the catalyst for change 

Some Facts

About Us

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Large Indoor Cultivation

NUG provides a vertical integration model that is perfect for the horticulture and urban farming industry.

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Sizable Extraction Lab

We use this capacity to produce a wide variety of products ready to meet the demands of your market, from our highest-end Terpene Rich Extractions to clear, potent distillate ready to fill cartridges and dose edibles.

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Retail Experience

Welcome to a superior retail experience – our stores have opened with attention paid to each and every detail. Enjoy shopping for NUG products along with the best brands on the market.

From Seed To Sale Production

Healthy flower starts with a healthy environment. Between every taken down our grow team makes sure that the every tray and the entire is spotless to make sure that the new crop is as healthy as the one before

We’ve developed our proprietary track and trace system to monitor plant growth and product lifecycle. Working in tandem with our rigorous quality control program, we can assure only compliant products of the highest quality reach consumers.