NUG Matcha Chocolate Bar Launch at The Yoga Nectar in Los Angeles

NUG Matcha Chocolate Bar Launch at The Yoga Nectar in Los Angeles

This past Saturday the Socal NUG team headed out to downtown LA to set up a booth at one of the newest hot fitness classes / cannabis social event in town! The Yoga Nectar, a class taught by world renowned yogi Andrea Restivo and DJ’d live by Cole Knight, is a 1 ½ hour vinyasa flow yoga class and cannabis infused dance party that features a wellness market and lounge. Taking place down at the legendary Creatington Studio’s warehouse, this is the third time that Restivo & Knight have put on this event and the third time in a row it has sold out almost instantly! Knowing that, NUG packed up their yoga mats and set up a booth at this new, one-of-a-kind cannabis and wellness event.

The first hour, all of the different vendors and small brands set up in the cannabis lounge / marketplace and a cannabis social happy hour over 4:20 took place. Besides NUG, we saw other brands sponsoring the event such as Higgs, Papa & Barkley, Hit One, and Fennix CBD just to name a few. Aside from cannabis and CBD focused brands, the event also had healthy food vendors as well as eclectic jewelry lines and even festival a inspired makeup bar. This was the perfect opportunity for NUG to come out and sample and launch our new matcha green tea cannabis infused edible bar to all of the attendees. With a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio (6.25 of both CBD & THC per square) this new bar was the hit of the event. While handing out swag the NUG team educated attendees on the health benefits of CBD including  how it can be utilized for muscle recovery, pain management & inflammation and also gave our samples of the new matcha bar. 

After the cannabis social happy hour, all 75 attendees packed into the main room to take this one of a kind yoga class. Although a fast pace vinyasa flow class, Restivo offered modifications to the poses during the class for the attendees of all different levels of yoga experience. Knight, a local model and DJ, centered the whole experience around community and live music, bringing everyone together to take part in a dance party at the end of the class. After the class ended, there was ample time for attendees to continue to eat, smoke, sample, and mingle among the brands. 

All and all it was successful event and day for the NUG team. Not only a an awesome sold out LA event to launch our new matcha green tea 1:1 edible, the Yoga Nectar was a premiere opportunity to show people how cannabis and an active lifestyle go hand and hand.  

“What’s your ritual?”

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