Banana Punch

As sweet as it is potent, Banana Punch is a cross between Banana OG and Purple Punch F2 that was bred by Symbiotic Genetics. Sought after by connoisseurs around the world, those who aren’t sold by Banana Punch’s technicolor bag appeal are quickly drawn in by its sweet fruit-candy nose that is dominated by the stank of an overripe banana. Smokers can expect heavy physical relaxation from a genetic that floods all the senses with luxuriant deliciousness.

Genetics: Banana OG x Purple Punch F2

Breeder: Symbiotic Genetics
Based in Sacramento and closely associated with legendary cultivator and pheno selector @thevillage, Symbiotic Genetics has quickly become a name connoisseurs associate with some of the most trend-setting genetics in the last half-decade. Their Purple Punch, followed by the backcross Punch 2.0 helped define market desires for “exotic” genetics while other seconary crosses like Mimosa and Cherry Punch are highly sought-after by weed dorks to this day.

Loved by those who love the finer things in cannabis, Banana Punch prolifically produces resin with a sweet reek that blends artificial fruit candy with an all-too-organic rotten funk. The deep OG Kush roots of Banana OG kick the heavy, physical stone into high gear, delivering a dynamic, but fundamentally lazy high. Banana Punch is exquisitely fruity, heavy and relaxing.


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