Cement Shoes - Flower Eighth

Cement Shoes’ light-green, sticky buds were bred by Cult Classics Seeds to be the perfect choice for those with nothing left to do in their day but kick back and drift off. This ultra-sedating genetic’s nose blends the earthy funk of the Girl Scout Cookie line with an intriguing touch of lime. The effects are anything but subtle, however; Cement Shoes hits hard and heavy with full-body relaxation and profound laziness that leads quickly to sleep for most.

Genetics: Animal Cookies x OGKB Cookies x Wet Dream

Breeder: Cult Classics Seeds
For almost a decade, Cult Classics Seeds has been doing work true to its name: breeding outstanding cannabis varietals with an eye towards preserving and enhancing a rich library of hierloom genetics. With other hits like Ultraviolence, Animas Valley and Egoloss, CCS has certainly etched their name in the hit-list of cannabis connoisseurs around the world.

Cement Shoes is just as dramatically heavy as its name would imply. With an effect that could be described as an aggressive take on full body relaxation, Cement Shoes invites the uninitiated in with the inviting aroma of sweet-nasty funk interwoven with a citrus-heavy fruit compliment. But the Cookie-dominated genetics tell a story of the heavy, full-body couchlock to come.


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