Chernobyl Live Resin Vape Cart


A cross of Trainwreck, Trinity Kush and Jack the Ripper, Chernobyl is typified by the effervescent lime flavor and soaring, cerebral high that distinguish many of the cannabis world’s most beloved uplifting, all-day-smoking strains. A favorite amongst legions of Sativa fans, Chernobyl is beloved by creatives of all stripes.

1 review for Chernobyl Live Resin Vape Cart

  1. Antonio Gonzalez

    This is a great live resin cart it’s a great strain as well the quality surpasses others in the market I would definitely recommend this brand overall…. I adore the taste and how well the terps are preserved and it’s gets you very very high and you stay high I love these carts can’t get enough I recommend them all I can’t wait to see the future strains you guys will carry thanks for the many highs!

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