Cherry Gorilla

Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 X Black Cherry Pie

Inside the seductively lavender-colored calyxes of NUG’s Cherry Gorilla, the kush-diesel funk of GG4 conspires with Black Cherry Pie’s syrupy sweetness to unleash a smell that terp lovers can’t turn down. But, it’s not all pretty looks and smells with this uncommon genetic; Cherry Gorilla packs power worthy of a Silverback, reverberating across both mind and body.

3 reviews for Cherry Gorilla

  1. Kyla Rhules

    An emotional rollercoaster of a high! I found myself laughing and crying at the same time. My friends didn’t know whether to give me a hug or slug me…Definitely a psychodelic experience! Reminded me of the first time I took mushrooms.

  2. Gerald Valenzuela02

    Flowers looks great

  3. 420 for life

    🔥 fire definitely one of my favorites now elevated my mood had me laughing and eating through the night until I fell asleep body relaxed great strain for stress or sadness 🙂💕

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