(Chernobyl x OG Kush)

Created by combining the beloved Chernobyl and OG Kush strains, Daydreamer is an uber potent hybrid that combines flavors of effervescent lime together with notes of funk and diesel. Daydreamer’s high perfectly blends its soaring cerebral effects with powerful body relaxation that will leave you floating into a dream like state free of any stress and full of creativity.

3 reviews for Daydreamer

  1. Debbie Mercier

    Awesome. It is good for the relaxation part for sure, but it will put you to sleep if your going to sleep. Very good for watching TV or hanging with friends. Super for all activities you want it for.

  2. Debbie Mercier

    See above

  3. Debbie Mercier

    Super awesome.

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