Genetics: Gelato #41 x Dosidos

Breeder: In House Genetics

Fans of the sweet, dank flavors and heavy highs that brought the Bay Area’s Cookie Fam to prominence have an easy favorite in the dense, polychromatic buds of DoLato. And the trichs don’t lie: this crystal-caked beauty packs a punch! This potency-packed genetic is a toke of choice for those in search of serious mind-body relaxation and, with enough indulgence, an effective insomnia antidote. Just don’t start off watching a movie you want to tell your friends about the next day. Notes:
With genetics stamped by the priceless Cookie Fam pedigree, DoLato doubles down on the look and smell that made Bay Area cannabis breeding famous (again). Densely-frosted, dark purple-and-green buds emit an aroma that embodies DANK, a mix of sweet cookie dough, fuel and earth that draws stoners inexorably near. Dolato also carries on the heavy-hitting character of its forebears, starting with some euphoria before dropping into deep relaxation.


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