Extreme Cream - Flowers

Genetics: Extreme OG x Cookies and Cream

Breeder: Exotic Genetix
From humble beginnings swapping time for equipment at a Tacoma, WA hydro store, Exotic Genetix has grown into a breeding company synonymous with cutting-edge, connoisseur cannabis tastes. With a stable of unique males like Cookies and Cream, Tina and Mint Chocolate Chip, Exotic Genetix has spent the last several years defining the toast of cannabis with enviable lineups of crosses.

Notes: Extreme Cream blends an earthy Kush reek with a sweet, round creaminess that slowly wraps around the inside of your nostrils with a subtle, yet attention-getting aroma. Its effects are certainly body-focused, with an emphasis on physical relaxation balanced with an enjoyable euphoria. It tends away from being a full-on “couchlock” strain though, making Extreme Cream ideal for those who prefer a body-centered high but want to remain somewhat functional. Looking freshly-dipped in trichomes, Extreme Cream’s insane resin production and green-and-purple coloration give this relaxing hybrid unbelievable bag appeal. Not to be sold on looks alone, this potent and flavorful offering weds both the flavor and power of elite OG and Cookies selections.. The result, lovingly brought to maturity in our precision indoor gardens, immediately rewards consumers with a smooth, berries-and-cream smoke and effects that wed physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria.


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