Forbidden Fruit

Care for an after dinner pre-roll? Forbidden Fruit is a great tasting strain that helps with relaxation and stress relief. Smoking a NUG roll is a quick and easy way to enjoy our flower!

Genetics: Cherry Pie x Tangie

Breeder: Unknown

Notes: Forbidden Fruit buds often make smokers do a double-take; typified by fat-dark purple buds with a profusion of orange hairs, the intense zing of its citrus-forward nose is often unexpected, but always welcomed. Easy on the eyes and nose, Forbidden Fruit also boasts an outrageous citrus flavor, tempered away from candy-sweetness by a touch of Cherry Pie funk. Between the raw sensory pleasure of handling it and the uplifting, functional buzz it brings, Forbidden Fruit has surprised nobody in rocking the cannabis world.

A true Bay Area native, Forbidden Fruit brings together the dark purple hues of Cherry Pie and the uplifting citrus zing of Tangie for a legendary combination that looks like Grandaddy Purple and smells like a freshly opened container of Tang mix. Famous for its flavor, Forbidden Fruit smacks of a world of citrus, with tangerine, grapefruit, passionfruit and more blending in a mouth-watering whirl. Boasting a relaxing, but buzzy high, Forbidden Fruit has become a natural favorite for those with connoisseur palates looking for a functional, all-day smoke.

Additional information


Forbidden Fruit


Cherry, Pine, Sweet, Tropical

Time of Day

Night time


Sleepy, Euphoric, Relaxed


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