Lemonade Haze

Genetics: Lemon OG x Super Lemon Haze

Breeder: Moxie 710
Though better known for ultra-high-end extracts, breeding is central to the existence of Moxie 710. Moxie is the first major cannabis brand centered around the nexus between vertical integration and producing award-winning live resin. Moxie breeds, cultivates and processes with the goal of making the world’s finest concentrates. However, as any seasoned smoker will tell you, the plants that produce great flower also produce great extracts. So it’s no surprise that Moxie has also secured themselves a strong reputation in the world of cannabis breeders and cultivators.

Notes: Quick to become a hit genetic for functional stoners, Lemonade Haze weds Super Lemon Haze to Lemon OG. This creates a unique terpene profile whose aroma blends a powerful punch of fresh lemons worthy of a Pledge bottle to the special bouquet of an over-used gym locker. With a big effervescent flavor and uplifting, psychedelic cerebral high, Lemonade Haze is an easy daytime favorite. Lemonade Haze has grabbed cannabis lovers’ attention with its bright, bold and irrepressibly lemony nose and expansive, cerebral effects. A cross of Super Lemon Haze and Lemon OG, these sticky buds are packed with a deep, mouth-coating lemon flavor that is complimented by an undercurrent of OG stank. Making quick converts in a market saturated with citrus terps, Lemonade Haze has been a fan favorite from the jump and is just getting better in the precisely controlled environment of Nug’s premiere indoor gardens. Strong but functional, Lemonade Haze has the makings of a perfect Daytime puff.


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