NUG Taffie

NUG taffie is a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid that will please both novice and experienced smokers. Grown from a cross between Tangie and LA Affie, NUG Taffie delivers a fruity, sweet and tangy flavor with a euphoric and a relaxing high that wont make you tired. A great smoking flower that is perfect anytime.

The icy Taffie. A powerful, perfectly balanced hybrid (50/50) that’s perfect for both daytime and night time use. Taffie features a relaxing and tranquil body high that starts with the sudden rush of euphoria and creativity followed by a complete body relaxation that won’t put you to sleep. Taffie’s unique aroma features herbal and spicy notes with slight citrus undertones that reveal themselves as the flower is burned.

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NUG Taffie


Citrus, Flowery, Lemon

Time of Day



Creative, Euphoric


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