Professor Chaos

Genetics: Jack the Ripper x Mad Professor

Breeder: TGA Subcool Seeds
One of America’s first “celebrity” cannabis breeders, Subcool has been leading a legion of “Weed Nerds” for well over a decade. His relative fame is backed up by a truly prolific breeding catalog and consistent dedication to the plant. With entries like 9lb Hammer, Cuvee, Jack’s Cleaner, Jack the Ripper and Jesus OG, it’s not hard to see why Subcool’s genetics catalog is amongst the most coveted out there.

Unlike its cartoon namesake, Professor Chaos is a beautifully balanced strain that blends flavors of citrus, cream and spice. Aside from its beautiful terpene profile, Professor Chaos is a fine example of all-natural genetic engineering bred to deliver pain relief and physical relaxation without the heavy, lazy feeling that often goes along with it. This has made it a go-to amongst people suffering from pain, and those who just want to kick back without knocking out.


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