Purple Punch - Flower Eighth

It’s easy to see, and smell, why Purple Punch has quickly soared to pantheon-level popularity in the world of cannabis genetics. It looks and smells just like it sounds. Dense, dark purple-and-green calyxes look like they were dipped in trichomes and emit a truly delicious smell that blends grape juice, funk and fresh-baked bread. The result of crossing Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple, Purple Punch has relaxing, physical effects but stop short of instant couch-lock, making it a perfect day ender or movie companion.

2 reviews for Purple Punch – Flower Eighth

  1. Emmanuel aka EmanHigh

    @EmanHigh @KnuckleHead Great GsC love It Great Oakland Emmanuel Had A Photo Shoot in the nug Warehouse you guys had sum good strawberry and sum of that forbidden fruit Dope

  2. Justin

    Very good quality strain for appetite stimulation as well as for insomnia. The flavor profile has a strong fruity and almost yogurt aroma with an awesome bag appeal and the taste is even better with a strong berry presence and very tropical tasting as well and is very smooth in both the inhale and exhale. I would strongly recommend this strain to anyone with insomnia or nausea and it’s also a great stress reliever. Very unique strain and worth trying if you have not already.

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