Sunshine OG

If OG Kush is known for one thing, it’s heavy-hitting potency, and with THC percentages in the upper 20s and lower 30s, our Sunshine OG is no exception. What sets Sunshine apart is the uplifting and euphoric effects that help balance and temper a lazier, stonier OG feel. The result is a perfect choice for smokers who love the power of OG but want to stay on the functional side. Smells like the trunk of an orange tree, smokes better than one.

5 reviews for Sunshine OG

  1. Aziel Fernandez

    Got this strain twice in 2 different clubs and it’s been honestly one of my favorite Sativa’s in a long time. Looking for more. Thank you NUG for the exotic sativas.

  2. Jennifer Kathleen Bishop

    Love this!!🥰

  3. Dump

    You can’t go wrong with any Nug product, however this is my Fav‼️

  4. u2treasure

    Love the sweet aroma, the taste and I can function well with the high. I just picked up another 1/2 oz at my favorite dispensary at Sundial Collaborative.

  5. Chris Putz

    I have found it is my fav so far! I really like the thicker smoke as compared to others!

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