SupReem Jack


SupREEM Jack. Named after our dear friend and one of the original NUG Grow team members, Careem Robinson who tragically passed away in 2018. Careem’s legacy will forever be woven into the fabric of NUG and this is why we named the newest phenotype of one of his favorite strains, Jack Herer, in honor of Careem. SupReem hits your senses with a 1-2 blast of citrus & pine, but doubles back with a dank punch of jet fuel. This brash young prodigy sparks true creative energy. Sharpening focus with an uplifting, effervescent high, before lulling mind & body towards a warm, blissful calm. This phenotype’s rope-a-dope effects are a perfect fit for Jack lovers who want that after-work energy boost, followed by slightly sedating effects for unwinding into the night.

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  1. Jenn Campbell

    Most conscious, awake, creative, emotional, yet stable high I’ve ever had. Can smoke this all night and keep singing and talking, at my best. Thanks. Love it.

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