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NUG Mint Julep Live Resin
Mint Julep
Reminiscent of its stellar pedigree, Mint Julip enlightens your senses with aromatic notes of earthy...
Apple Jack Live Resin
Apple Jack
Apple Jack is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the famed Jack Herer sativa with...
NUG Live Resin Vape Cart
Purple Reign Live Resin Vape Cart
(PURPLE KUSH X PURPLE CADILLAC) For the true purple strain lover. Created by combining famous...
NUG Live Resin Vape Cart
Chernobyl Live Resin Vape Cart
[BLOOD WRECK X JACK THE RIPPER] A cross of Trainwreck, Trinity Kush and Jack the...
NUG Live Resin Vape Cart
Berries and Cream Live Resin Vape Cart
[FOG BERRY X DAIRY QUEEN] A delicious blend of Dairy Queen and Fog Berry strains...
NUG Live Resin Vape Cart
Ancient Gorilla Live Resin Vape Cart
[GG4 X ANCIENT LIME] Created by combining the ever popular GG4 and the refreshing Ancient...
NUG Live Resin - Daydreamer
(Chernobyl x OG Kush) Created by combining the beloved Chernobyl and OG Kush strains, Daydreamer...
NUG Live Resin - Nuclear Kush
Nuclear Kush
[ERO Kush x Chernobyl] Created by combining two absolute gems, the scrumptious ERO Kush and...
Lime Trainwreck Live Resin
Lime Trainwreck
Lime Trainwreck is the lime heavy phenotype of the famous mind-bending Northern California staple Trainwreck....
KMAC flower
LINEAGE: [Kush Mints #11 x Alien Cookies]  Created by combining Kush Mints and Alien Cookies...
Capstone Flower
LINEAGE: [Super Lemon Dawg x [Cherry Pie x Orange Apricot]    Our newest Daytime Exotic...
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